Global E-Commerce

February 05, '2022

What's Global?

Global, is a personal passion project of mine where I'm passionate about empowering creators to express themselves through high-quality, custom apparel. With a commitment to creativity, quality, and social responsibility I felt I could build, inspire and connect communities through the power of personalized clothing, making self-expression both accessible and sustainable for all.

With a dedication to simplicity, reliability, and continuous improvement, Calendary aims to be the go-to destination for anyone seeking a smarter approach to managing their schedules and maximizing their potential.


To build a sucessful clothing platform, I opted to focus on performance optimization techniques such as image compression, code minification, and caching to enhance user experience and retention allowing me to create visual presence and satisfaction.

My stretch goal was to build intuitive design tools, templates, and visual aids to assist users in creating their designs while incorporating real-time previews and feedback mechanisms.


Overall, my implementation helped create a competitive advantage, drive customer loyalty, and ultimately helped me succeed in the cloth printing industry.